Does it really matter if your Project teams Integrate? The essence of Lean Information management.


Wednesday, April 28, 2021


01:30 PM Europe/London

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Sebastien Simpson

Business Development Manager at VisiLean



With this series, we will be diving deep into understanding the challenges still plaguing the AECO industry, and how Lean processes combined with the right technological tools can help improve productivity and revive the industry globally.


Does it really matter if your Project teams Integrate? The essence of Lean Information Management.

Does it matter if the Design disciplines coordinate with each other?
Does it matter if the Construction Managers contribute to the Design development process?
Does it matter if the various Trades coordinate towards what work is to be done and where?
Does it matter if your supply chain is in communication with your teams on-site?
Does it matter if your Planners are accounting for the challenges and issues on-site? 

Communication, Collaboration, Coordination; three terms that seem to be the buzzwords of the industry today. That is also probably why the essence of what they mean and entail for your projects has lost its impact.

Join us, as we break these down for you and highlight the core of these terms - Information Management, and how you can achieve this with the help of Lean principles as foundations, without having to term yourself as a "Lean" organisation or team.

For more info, please visit our website; https://visilean.com/